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Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Year 2. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's new learning. Here are today's tasks.

1. English- I hope you enjoyed the Gruffalo yesterday. I did! Today we look at 'The Gruffalo's child'. Just like yesterday, collect words and phrases but this time think about the big bad mouse! Again, check any words you don't know on word hippo and have a go at writing your own sentences to describe the mouse. I can't wait to see them. Links to the story and animations are below.

2. Maths- As yesterday, log on to White Rose hub home learning and have a go at lesson 2. Let me know how you get on- the link is below.

3. Phonics/Spellings- Log on to Phonics bug if you are in Miss Patel's small group. If you are in my big group then practice your 'tion' words and look at a few more pages of the powerpoint.

4. History- Today we start our new topic- holidays in the past. Questions to think about- What is a holiday and where might people go in this country and abroad? What holidays can you remember? What do you do on holiday? How do people travel to their holidays? Write about a holiday you have been on. Where did you go? How did you get there? What did you do there? Who did you go with? What was the weather like? If you have not been on holiday yet, you could look at one of the holidays in the brochures below and talk about where you would like to go on holiday and think how you would get there, who you would go with and what you might do there.

5. Music- Another new topic- Music from the 1970s! Hooray! Today we are learning about Bob Marley. Can you remember the terms pitch, tempo, pulse and dynamics that you talked about with Mrs Hempton? If not you could remind yourself by looking them up on word hippo. The instrument of the week is the tambourine. What do you know about it? Read some information about Bob Marley below. Listen to '3 little birds'. What instruments can you hear? Do you know other songs by Bob Marley or any other reggae songs? Do you like the song? Why? Make a few notes about what you think about Bob Marley and his song.

Parents- Please supervise children on youtube as there may be adverts and comments which are not appropriate.