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Tuesday 24th March

Tuesday 24th March

Hi everyone!

I hope that you are all safe and well…I miss you more today! I will try and vary the activities that I give you each day so that it doesn't become too repetitive. 


Please just do what you can and please don’t worry if you don’t do it all. I’d rather give you  lots to keep you busy than not enough.


Today’s activities are as follows:

1. 30 minutes on Read Theory

2. Complete Day 2 spelling activities on Purple Mash 2Do

3. Complete an Arithmetic, Grammar and Spelling activity on Kids Classroom Secrets

4. Choose a comprehension to complete in your Green Book or on Microsoft word.

5. Choose a Maths activity sheet to complete from your Maths booklet in your home learning pack.

6. Choose a writing task to complete from your booklet in your home learning pack to complete in your Green Book or on Microsoft word. Remember to use all the features of a Year 6 writer. 

7. Begin to write a non-chronological report base on the famous Ancient Greek person that you made notes on yesterday. I will attach links below to sentence starters, cohesive devices etc that you can use. Remember that non-chronological reports have:

  • Subheadings Eg. Early life, Childhood, Achievements, Fun Facts, Their death etc.
  • Some bullet points
  • Drawings or diagrams with captions
  • As well as lots of Year 6 expected writing (varied punctuation and sentences!)

8. Complete one of the indoor activity suggestions in your Home Learning Pack


Any completed work can be emailed ( or dojo’ed to me. And as always, any questions please just ask. smiley