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Tuesday 28th April

Today's tasks:


English- Today's text is 'Little red riding hood and the wolf.' Below is an audio and written text. Pause the recording at different points to predict and talk about the story. Introduce the poem and explain it has to be listened to in parts. Pause it at 1 minute and  2 seconds and predict what might happen next? What happened in the original story? Keep playing until 1.40 and recap what happened. What does the wolf want to do next? Discuss the need to warn Little red riding hood. Write a letter to Little red riding hood about what the wolf is planning to do and the need to keep away from Grandma's house. You could write as one of the animals in the wood or a friend of little red riding hood. Remember to set out your letter with your address at the top and put the date and who the letter is to and from. Try to convince her as much as you can to stay away. Check your spelling and punctuation after each sentence. Now listen to the rest of the poem and see how different it is to the original. Are there any surprising parts? Which version do you prefer? Why?


Maths - White Rose Hub home learning lesson 2-Order lengths


Art- Read a bit more about Bridget Riley. Have a look at 'Responsive eye' from 1965. Can you have a go at creating a similar effect?