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Tuesday 30th June

Hi Everybody 

Hope you are okay.

Here is your work for Tuesday.

Please start by reading the Picture News Paper for this week/

First Session - Spelling and Grammar


In spelling we are continuing to look at common letter strings, including prefixes and suffixes. Please take the next five words ( ache,anchor,echo,mechanic and stomach ) learn what they mean and how to spell them. Write each word in a sentence and put it in your exercise book.

In grammar today we are doing another year 5 grammar mat.

Then find out more about the moon by reading these sources. Jot down any facts that you find interesting:

Dr Maggie's Grand Tour of the Solar System by Maggie Aderin - pocock ( pages 4-5 )

Dr Maggie's Grand Tour of the Solar System

National Geographic Kids website - Facts About the Moon : ( Page 3 )

Moon Extract

Imagine you have been asked by the BBC to join Professor Brian Cox on a CBBC TV special about Space . He has asked you to do a five minute presentation on the moon.

If you are unfamiliar with who Brian Cox is, here is in action ( Scroll down to the video ' How earth was created ' )

When creating your presentation, consider these points:

- Think about writing a script or key notes for your presentation- making sure you practise aloud so that it stays within the five minute limit.

- You may want to use a computer programme to create a presentation, such as PowerPoint, or design and create posters which you can refer to as you speak.

- Think about how to keep your audience engaged - maybe you could include some rhetorical questions which make your audience think more about your topic.

Once completed, have a go at performing it to someone in your house.

If possible , you could also record it to send to me.


Third Session

Fluency - Number of the Week



Numbers of the week

Number of the week - answers

Now watch the video and do the worksheet on drawing lines and angles accurately.

Drawing lines and angles accurately worksheet

Fourth Session

Find out more about the Space Race and in particular Apollo 11's mission by exploring these resources.


Blast off to the Moon

Create a poster or a fact file about the Space Race in particular Apollo 11's mission.

Fifth Session

Try a couple of the Joe Wicks five minute workouts. If you enjoy them try and do the others later in the week.


Hope you have enjoyed the work today.

Take care

Mrs Cheetham