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Tuesday 31st March

Hello everyone!

How are you today.  I had a fun day in school yesterday.  I am not in again until after what would have been the Easter Holidays.  That does seem a long time away!  I am keeping busy here at home though.  Thank you for all the pictures, videos and messages. It is important to keep up your school work and stay in touch.

Please send me any completed work via email or class dojo.  I can't wait to see what you all get up to!

My email is


Daily Maths

1. Complete an activity from your home learning pack. 

2. Complete your purple Mash games, these can be played multiple times. Remember to press "save and exit" or "hand in my work" If the activity stays blue then that means you can play as many times as you want.  I have set some fraction quizzes this week. 

3. Complete a maths activity on Classroom secrets kids. 

4.  Choose a super movers time tables song to dance to. 

Daily spelling

1. Complete the spelling activity on purple Mash.  

2. Put the spellings you have chosen for this week into sentences... remember to make your sentences really interesting!

3. Complete a spelling activity on classroom secrets kids. 

4. If you have IDL complete one lesson

Daily Reading

1.Complete the comprehension I have attached at the bottom.. There are 3 levels of text. 3 stars is the trickiest(this one is first).  Write your answers in your book.  The answers are attached so you can check, correct and mark your work ( don't cheat!)

2. Read a book for  at least 15 minutes. 

3.. If you have a phonics bug log in, read 1 book.

4. 15 minutes on Teach Your Monster to read (if you have the app) .


Complete slide 2 from the powerpoint below


Complete the todo on purple mash.. I think you can practise this as much as you want. 


Find out how people use rivers in different ways. Give examples...e.g transport, leisure activities, fishing, farming?


Read the picture news documents which are attached.  Talk about them with members of your family. 


Watch Joe Wicks on You Tube and join in his workout. Design a work out of your own!

Family Challenge

Eric has suggested a lego challenge!  Watch the video below and see what you can build of you have lego at home.  Send me your pictures!