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Tuesday 31st March

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning everyone!


1. Guided reading- have a go at the essential vocabulary questions and re read the text 'Let's get fit.'

2. There are no spellings/phonics as such this week. It is a grammar focus on apostrophes, word endings and tenses. Have a look for apostrophes in your reading book or label some things in your house such as Grandad's/Dad's chocolate, Mum's/Grandma's vimto etc!

3. Maths- We are moving on to comparing time. Have a go at the questions on the sheet below. You have done some brilliant work on time- I am SO impressed!

4. English- Have  a look at the sheet below. I can't believe I am telling you to watch TV! There is a powerpoint about tenses with some activities to do- no need to write them down as they are games.

5. Geography-Your K2 research last week was great. I showed Mrs Hempton. This week she would like you to research the Himalayas. You could do a poster, leaflet or bullet points. Remember to do safe searches on Kiddle! Be creative!

6. Picture news- have a look at this week's story and watch Newsround. What are your views?