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Tuesday 7th July

A super start to the week yesterday.  Well done!

Remember to check Purple Mash, IDL and TT Rockstars



Put the words from yesterday into some super sentences which show that you understand their meanings



Today you are going to write a set of instructions for how to make a kite. First you need to have a look at how to write a set of instructions. Watch the BBC clip on how to make a simple cake. 

Now have a look at some of the examples written by children. Click on a few different examples to see how to write instructions.(Note: as these are written by children, some may contain spelling and grammatical inaccuracies).

Think about how you make a kite. If you haven’t made a kite before you can use the clip below. 

You could base your instructions on the Flat Stanley kite that you made in an earlier unit.

Features that you might want to include:

−What You Need/ Apparatus section at the start

−bullet points/ numbers to sequence the steps

−imperative (bossy) verbs, e.g. place, stick

−some adverbs, e.g. carefully, gently, firmly

−a diagram/illustration to help.



Year 3 - Compare Angles

Year 4 - Comparison sum and difference


Year 4 may want to look at Year 3 as well as a revision as we have not covered this topic yet. 



Today we are going to be thinking about shadows.  Can you use a torch to create some shadows of everyday objects.  Investigate what happens if you chance the position of the torch.  What happens if you move the torch closer to the object?  What happens if the torch is moved further away?  Draw some diagrams to show what you have found out.