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Tuesday 9th June

Hello Year 3/4 

I hope you all managed to complete some of the work I set yesterday...As always, don't worry if you don't get through everything...I would rather give you lots to choose from rather than not enough and you get bored.  Remember to make sure you spread your work out and have time away from screens.


I have set some to dos on Purple Mash... try to complete these.  Remember, if it doesn't turn green you can do it as much as you want... this is a great idea, especially if it's times tables or typing practice!  Keep reading your own books too....let me know what you are reading!


Read you book for at least 15 minutes... remember there are lots of free books to read online via EPIC or the library service. 


Choose 10 of the words you created yesterday and put them into a sentence.  Make your sentence as interesting as possible and remember to punctuate it correctly. 



Return to the story plan created yesterday. Discuss the plan with an adult and add any new ideas or vocabulary which you want to include in your story. Write your new story using these sentence starters to help:

Early one morning/one day/on a cold but bright sunny day … First of all I met, … Not long after, I saw … Just then, … It wasn’t long before I spotted, … Reluctantly, I knocked on the door and … Check all sentences and punctuation together. 


Maths - White Rose Hub Summer Week 4 (11th May)

  •  Year 3 Multiply 2 digit by 1 digit
  • Year 4 - Perimeter of a rectangle



Today we are finding out about reflection.  Have a read through the powerpoint I have attached.  If you can, carry out the investigation on the powerpoint.  You could use material from around the house, like tin foil, a white t shirt, a hi viz jacket, grease proof paper, a carrier bag. Which material would you use to create a design on the book bag. 


Draw with Rob - Superhero Bear..... I can't wait to see your designs!


Use the link for the Lancashire PE challenges or go and join Joe Wicks