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Wednesday 10th June

Hello everyone...Happy Wednesday!

Well done on everything you have been doing this week.  It is great to be getting your pictures, writing and Maths.  I really enjoy seeing what you have all got up to. 


As always there are some todos on purple mash.  


Reading - Read your book for at least 15 minutes and talk about it to a grown up. Let me know what you are reading so we can share reviews


Spelling - Look at the different root words and suffixes we have been using this week.  Can you write some rules for adding a suffix.... When do you double the last letter?  When do you drop the e? What happens if you add a suufix to a word ending in y?  Try and give examples for each rule.  


English -

  • With an adult, explore the National Trust link below
  • Discuss which activities you have already done and those you would like to do in the future. Make a list of the activities you have done already. Then select a few to write about, recounting the events.  Make sure your sentences are ones that a year 3 or 4 would be proud of!
  • E.g. Paddling I went paddling in the sea in Blackpool with my Dad. The sea water felt icy but I didn’t mind. When I walked in the water, I stood on a stone and it hurt my foot! After that, my Dad bought me an ice cream with a chocolate flake and some strawberry sauce. It was a great day!
  • Now make a list of the activities you would like to do: 1. 2. 3. Check all sentences and punctuation together.

Maths - White Rose Hub Summer Week 4 Lesson 3 ( wk begin 11th May)

Year 3 - Divide 2 digit by 1 digit

Year 4 - Perimeter of rectilinear shapes


RE -  We are starting  new unit of work in RE, all about prayer.  At school we have lots of opportunities to pray - during worship, at lunch and at the end of the day. Some of you may pray at home.  I would like you to think about these questions with your family and let me know your answers. There is no right or wring way for people to pray.  People of different faiths, do this in different ways.  

  • What is prayer? 

  • How do people pray? 

  • When do people pray? 

  • Why do people pray? 

  • Where do people pray? 


PE - Work out with Joe Wicks or follow the Lancashire Stay Home Work Out schedule. 


Play the dots and boxes game with members of your family.... all you need is paper and pencil.  It is one if our favourite games for when we are on holiday!