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Wednesday 13th May

Hello all and a happy Wednesday!:)

Well done for everything you have done so far this week - I love getting your pictures of the work you do, especially your Literacy and Maths activities. Keep up the hard work everyone!

Maths =

1.Practice your times tables on Purple Mash or TTRockstars.


2.Use this link for 'White Rose Hub Home Learning' -

We are now on SUMMER TERM WEEK 1 (w/c 20th April).

Please don't skip to this weeks lessons as the lessons follow on from one another and build on skills so you will be making it a lot harder for yourself if you do. (This weeks lessons open automatically when you go the website so you will need to close them and open Summer Term Week 1 lessons) 


Today, (using the link above) you will need to watch the video and complete the activity for - 

Summer Term Week 1 (w/c 20th April) - LESSON 3 'COMPARE DECIMALS'

Literacy =

1. Read chapter 2 of ‘The Abominables’ by Eva Ibbotson using the PDF of the first few chapters of the story below, 
2. Discuss any new/interesting vocabulary that you find in the chapter with a family member. Use a dictionary/thesaurus to find the meanings and some synonyms.
https://www.wordhippo. com/
3. Draw a picture of all of the Yetis and name them. What do you think they all might look like? Think about size and any characteristics that you can gather from the text, e.g. Yetis have snub noses.
Annotate your picture using words from the text to i) describe their appearance and ii) describe their personalities.
Please send me a picture of you literacy on class dojo :) 

Reading =

1. Please make sure you are reading at least 20 minutes daily - there are lots of free books to read online via EPIC (a free app) or the library service.

2. Listen to me reading chapter 20 of Varjak Paw here:

3. Complete an activity on read theory, classroom secrets or from your reading booklet.

Spellings =

1. Using the PDF document below, ask someone in your house to read aloud the sentences for you (on the second page).You will need to spell the word in red from your adults sheet. Write the spelling down in the gap in your sentences. These are the '-ation' suffix words from your Purple Mash Quiz on Monday.

2. Using the second sheet that your adult used to read aloud, please mark your spellings. Any that you got incorrect, please practice

Computing =

I have set you a '2do' on Purple Mash about using email safely.  Watch the slide show and then use 2 email to create your set of rules for using email safely and email them to me! I look forward to receiving your rules for how to use email safely :)

Art =

- Choose
Choose an ‘Activity of the Day’ that you have got planned for today. It might be your daily walk/cycle, a trip to the supermarket or playing in Your back garden. 

  • Observe
    Pay attention to something that interests you during your activity. Try to find something that you find extraordinary. It might simply be the trees swaying in the wind on your daily walk, the birds chirping in your back garden, the cars driving past your bedroom window etc.
  • Create
    Create something based on what you found extraordinary. You can create anything you like: a drawing\painting, a 3D model, a Lego sculpture, use materials from your walk\back garden to make it. Be creative.
  • Share
    Post your artwork on class dojo with me :)