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Wednesday 13th May

Hello everyone...Happy Wednesday!

Well done on everything you have been doing this week.  It is great to be getting your pictures, writing and Maths.  I really enjoy seeing what you have all got up to. 


As always there are some todos on purple mash.  Have a go on TT rockstars too... lets see if we can top the school leaderboard!  Alfie in Year 5 is top at the minute...he is VERY fast!    Did you know that you can challenge a friend using the rockslam section..I might have sent you a challenge!


Reading - Read your book for at least 15 minutes and talk about it to a grown up. Let me know what you are reading so we can share reviews


Spelling - Using the 10 words you have chosen for this week create a wordsearch or crossword puzzle with them.  


English -

  • Read and enjoy  this poem out loud  together: The Dentist and the Crocodile by Roald Dahl - the link is below. 
  • Read the poem again out loud. Improve how you read it using an excitable voice where needed (expression).  
  • Spot new and interesting words (write them down) and discuss what they mean, e.g. require, repair, quivered, quaked, fearsome, molars, weeping, despair, and any other new words you find. Use a dictionary or word hippo to find out meanings. 
  • Look up the new words found in the poem to find synonyms (words that mean the same) by using a thesaurus or Word Hippo.
  • Write these down. This will help to practise spelling some new words and extend vocabulary. Discuss your favourite parts of the poem.  
  • Write a poem review using these ideas:  I like this poem because… My favourite words in the poem are…  I would recommend this poem because… 
  •  Out of 10 stars, I would give this poem… because… 

Maths - White Rose Hub

Year 3 Summer week 2 lesson 3 Problem Solving

Year 4 - Summer Week 2 Lesson 3 - Pounds and pence


You could also have a go at playing the card calculations game with the cards from your maths pack. 


RE -  

  • Discuss what it would be like to give up food and drink during daylight hours.  How much commitment would be required?  Children could try giving up something, e.g. snack at break or talking for a specific amount of time.  How did they feel watching others eat or talk? 
  • Find out who is exempt from the fast. Discuss why these people are not obliged to take part.

Look at images of Muslims breaking their fast. Discuss how it might feel to eat after a day of fasting. Why might it be important to share the Iftar? What impact might this have on individuals, families and the Islamic community?  


If you fast...share your experiences with your friends who are not. 


PE - Work out with Joe Wicks or follow the Lancashire Stay Home Work Out schedule. 


Family Challenge - Play a game of "I went shopping and I bought...." who can remember the most things?