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Wednesday 1st April

Hi all,

1. Guided reading - Do question 1, 2 and 3 of the main questions for 'Let's get fit!' in your book- remember your best Y2 handwriting.

2. Spelling/Phonics- Recap Monday's and yesterday's work on apostrophes and tenses. 


**This morning would usually be Mrs Haughton doing PSHE, Computing and PE**


3. PE- Have a go at the Joe Wicks workout, log in to 'Go Noodle' and do some silly dancing or join in with the BBC Supermovers!

4. Computing - On dojo I have sent you a log in for 'Sumdog' and 'Read Theory'. Log on and experiment with the site. Let me know how you get on.

5. PSHE- Finish off any Picture News work from yesterday.

6. This afternoon would usually be Art with Miss Patel. She would like you to have a go at designing  a healthy snack for an explorer, making sure it contains ingredients to help survival. You could draw it and label the packaging (make it eco friendly if possible)

7. Class worship- Look at the animations before on Holy Week and think about the big question- why do Christians think Jesus died?