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Wednesday 1st July

Goodness me...It is July already!!  You guys are completely awesome for working so hard while at home.  Keep it up!

Check your purple mash/TT rockstars, read some of your book and complete your IDL 



Speed writing for our words this week.  30 seconds per word



Read the poems about flight. As you read, jot down any interesting words or phrases about flight

Discuss: What would you do if you could fly? Where would you go?

Write you own poem about flight. You may wish to use the title If I Could Fly, If I Had Wings, or create your own title. Try to use some of the interesting vocabulary you’ve collected from the poems you’ve read. You could also use a thesaurus to find synonyms for your words

Don’t worry about making your poem rhyme – it doesn’t need to! Your poem can just be a series of sentences about what you would do if you could fly.

Write your poem out neatly, illustrate it and share it with members of your household.  Send it to me as I would love to share some of them on our social media



Videos and Worksheets below

Year 3 - Equivalent lengths (cm and mm)

Year 4 - adding 4-digit numbers with 1 exchange



We have been thinking about the importance of prayer this half term.  During this unusual time, you may have asked God for guidance, thanked him for the opportunities you have been given, prayed for loved ones to be kept safe.  Write a prayer to share with others in our class and school. You could use a TSP prayer as a guide(Thankyou, sorry, please).