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Wednesday 22nd April

Hi Everyone

Here is your work for today.

Please start by reading the PDF document first News.

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Please take the next five Rwords off the year 5/6 spelling list in the paper pack and learn what they mean and how to spell them and write them in your exercise book.  ( hindrance, identity, immediately, individual and interfere )

Then do the grammar exercise on purple mash. Do the 2do Anna and the trampoline ( indicating degrees of possibility using modal verbs )


Second Session - Literacy

Read chapter 4  ' My Mother Teaches Me Bullfighting' from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief ( Read pages 32 - 38 )


Write down words and phrases from the text that describe the minotaur.

Now watch the film clip of the same scene.

Have a go at writing some sentences that start with words ending in 'ing'

to describe the scene such as : Drawing his sword, Percy dived towards the fearsome creature.'

A list of words ending in 'ing' can be found if you click the link below.

Use some of your ' ing openers' and your own ideas to write this scene in your own words.

Third Session - Maths

Go on purple mash and do the 2do Comparing up to 100,000.

We are then carrying on with fractions. Go to google and put in  (As you did on Monday and Tuesday )

Scroll down to Primary/ Upper Key Stage 2 - Fractions

Watch Lesson 3 - NCETM - Explore the concept of equal and unequal parts and do the related task.


Fourth Session - Science

Do the purple mash 2do Exercise poster and persuade people why exercise is important and how they can be more active in the lockdown.

Fifth Session

Go on google put in Bedtime Maths and click on Bedtime Maths at home. Complete the Terrifying Twisted Tangrams. Do the fifth grader challenge.

Let me know how you get on.

Take care 

Mrs Cheetham