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Wednesday 22nd April

Good Morning Year 4 - I hope you are all well :)

Here are your resources for the day:

Please just do what you can and please don't worry if you don't do it all. I'd rather give you lots to keep you busy than not enough.

Literacy =

Read Chapter 2 of 'The Train To Impossible Places' using the PDF below.

This could be by a parent or older sibling ect. reading the text to you, by reading a page to each other or independent reading.


1. Discuss with a family member any new/interesting vocabulary that you discover in Chapter 2.

2. Look at the character Fletch. Draw a picture of what you think Fletch might look like.  

3. Annotate your drawing using words from the text to describe his appearance and any that describe his personality. Can you add any expanded noun phrases to describe Fletch? eg. A pair of enormous nostrils with wiry grey hair.

4. Write a short character description of Fletch using expanded noun phrases, subordinate conjunctions in your sentences (since, although, when, whilst, because, until, as) and fronted adverbials eg, At the side of his head, he has....,   Slowly flowing down his red t-shirt, are.... .

Text for Literacy - The Train To Impossible Places

Maths =

1. Complete the 'Perimeter - Wednesday 22nd April Maths' to do on Purple Mash based on yesterday's learning on Perimeter. The shapes are a little more complex but it's the same method - Count the squares around the outside of the shape to find the perimeter!

2. Using a ruler or tape measure, go around your house or garden and measure the perimeter of at least 5 different objects. Make sure you start at 0cm and measure a side at a time and then add the sides up! Ideas of what you could measure the perimeter of: a bathroom, light-switch, a small rectangle/square table, an iPad, TV, the top of a chest of draws, a book, a card ect. Which would you use a rule for and which a tape measure? Why?


3. Get outside for maths! Go outside in your back garden if your lucky enough to have one or complete this on your daily walk:

If you have some chalk (some stones in your garden will work too) draw some simple shapes on the ground and using a ruler or tape measure to measure around the outside of the shape to find the perimeter. Make sure you measure it in centimeters (cm).


I would love to see some pictures of you completing activity 2 and 3 on our class story or messenger on dojo :)




Reading lesson BBC Bitesize: Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg =

Usually at school, in the afternoon, we would have a full reading session so today we are going to be completing the Year 4 reading lesson on BBC Bitesize here-

Using the poems Please Mrs Butler and Excuses by Allan Ahlberg, you will practise summarising. You will also give your opinion, using the text as evidence to support you and try writing another verse for one of the poems.. 

This lesson includes:

  • two videos of Strictly Come Dancing's Oti Mabuse reading poems by Allan Ahlberg

  • three activities.


If you find the year 4 reading activities too tricky, click back and use the Year 3 one. 



Grammar =

Complete 'Wednesday 22nd April Grammar' activity on Purple Mash in your 'to do'.

Draw with Rob =

As a lot of you enjoyed the 'draw with rob' activities, I thought we would do another one today! Rob has done quite a few new drawings whilst we've been on our Easter holiday so choose a drawing that you haven't done before and post it on 'class story' or message it to me on dojo.