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Wednesday 22nd April

Hi everyone,

Here are Wednesdays tasks

1. English- Today's reading book is the smartest giant in town. I love this book! Today listen out at the beginning for words and phrases to describe the giant and write a few sentences to describe him. Then make a list of all the good deeds that the giant does. Do this in your book and try to use time words like first, next, soon, later, finally.

2. Maths- Log on to White Rose Hub home learning lesson 3 - measuring length in cm

3. Computing- Have a go at one of the 2do lessons on Purple Mash. There are lots of new ones.

4. PSHE- Our new topic is keeping safe. Talk through the scenarios on the worksheet. When are times we feel safe/not safe? What can we do to feel safe in these situations?

5. Art- Our new topic is Pop and Op art. Read the information about Bridget Riley. Isn't it amazing how she uses lines so cleverly? Look at the powerpoint. Which are your favourite images? Why? Have a go at making your own optical illusion with using the same shape in different positions.