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Wednesday 24th June

Hello Year 3/4 


I hope you are all well. Thank you for all the work you have sent me this week.  I love to see what you get up to. 


2dos are on Purple Mash


Spelling -

Put your words into sentences which show theor meaning.  Make your sentences as varied and interesting as possible


English -

  • Before reading the text today, look at the words listed below using savanna  endless  supply  horizon bored border speck  
  • Write the words down. Discuss meanings and similar words (synonyms) with an adult.  Exploring these words now will help you to understand the story later. 
  • Read and enjoy the opening to Yours Sincerely, Giraffe by Megumi Iwasa
  •  Return to the word list and spot the words in the story. Discuss these words within the story and what they mean.   
  • Now explore the words lonely and bored on Find similar words (synonyms) and write them down.  Discuss how the giraffe is feeling.   
  • Write short sentences to create a mini poem, including the new words you have found, e.g.  

 Giraffe is feeling lonely.

Giraffe is feeling unloved.  

Giraffe is feeling unwanted.  

Giraffe is feeling outcast.  etc.  

Publish your poem by writing it in your best handwriting or typing it.  Add some images or illustrations.  You could send this to me via e mail or dojo



Year 3 - Subtract 3 digit numbers

Year 4- Fractions of a quantity



We have been thinking about how people pray. 

Think and consider the following questions.

  • Prayer is communication with God that helps to build a relationship with him. 
  • How do we build relationships with the people around us? 
  • Can we build a relationship with God in the same way? Why? Why not?  

In school we have our reflection areas.  How would you create a prayer space in each classroom or around school for people to have a quiet time where they can communicate with God.  Send me your prayer space designs.