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Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 25th  March

I hope you all managed to complete some of the work yesterday.  I was busy trying to help Evie do some of her work as well as doing my school work too! I love getting your messages and seeing the work that you are sending to me. I am in school again today so may not be able to answer quite as quickly.  


 I know it is tough being at home all day. Do what you can, whenever you can. Please don't worry if you don't get to do everything.  I've tried to give you lots of choice.


 Today’s activities are as follows:

  1. A 10 minute buster from CGP Reading
  2. A 10 minute buster from CGP Grammar
  3. A 10 minute buster from CGP Maths
  4. One Page of the big CGP Maths book
  5. 30 minutes on Read Theory
  6. Complete Day 3 spelling activities on Purple Mash 2Do
  7. Complete a reading and a maths activity on Kids Classroom Secret.
  8. In your Green book, finish writing up your first draft of your non-chronological report base on a famous Ancient Greek person that you made notes on on Monday. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE use the links below (sentence starters, cohesive devices etc) to edit and improve your work like we do in class and check that you have got all of the features and all the elements that make a fantastic Year 6 writer. If any are missing, go back edit further and add them in. If you need to,  ask a grown-up or older sibling to read it and help you upgrade it too. Remember that non-chronological reports have:
  • Subheadings Eg. Early life, Childhood, Achievements, Fun Facts, Their death etc.
  • Some bullet points
  • Drawings or diagrams with captions
  • As well as lots of Year 6 expected writing (varied punctuation and contain different sentences!)

9. In RE, we have been thinking about the Ascension and Pentecost. Jesus inspired so many people to spread the word of God. Write about who inspires you. Tell me why and how they inspire you. What have been the results of this inspiration (what have you done after being inspired?) Try and link it to what we have learnt in RE, your own beliefs and the beliefs of other faiths too.

10. Check out Rob Biddulph on You Tube. Can you draw a Gregosaurus?


Any completed work can be emailed ( or dojo’ed to me.

And as always, any questions please just ask.