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Wednesday 29th April

Wednesday's lessons

English-  'The Tummy beast'. Listen to and enjoy today's poem. Watch the clip again and this time follow the text. Which lines are spoken by the mother and which are spoken by the child? Now read the text aloud with a grown up. Put on your best character voices to perform! Discuss what is happening in the poem. Why does the mother not believe the child? How is the child feeling? What happened to the mother at the end? What might the mother say when she recovers? Write a diary entry as if you were the child or mother, recounting the key events of the day. You could even magpie key events and phrases used in the poem. Check spelling and punctuation in each sentence together.


Maths- Lesson 3- White Rose Hub home learning- 4 operations with length


Computing- Log on to Sumdog and Read theory. Miss Patel checks in each week to see how you are getting on :)


Geography- Our new topic is Seasides. Do you know any seaside towns near to Preston? Why do you think people want to go the seaside? Look at google maps to zoom in on Lytham, Blackpool, Fleetwood or Southport. Label a compass on the Purple 2do task and do the quiz below.