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Wednesday 29th April

Hello everyone...Happy Wednesday!

Well done on everything you have been doing this week.  It is great to be getting your pictures, writing and Maths.  I really enjoy seeing what you have all got up to. 


As always there are some todos on purple mash.  Have a go on TT rockstars too... lets see if we can top the school leaderboard!  That would e super impressive!  Did you know that you can challenege a friend...if I look and see you on there, I might challenge you.


Reading - Read your book for at least 5 minutes and talk about it to a grown up. Let me know what you are reading so we can share reviews


Spelling - Using the 10 words you have chosen for this week create a wordsearch or crossword puzzle with them.  


English -

  • Listen to the story of the Geese that laid Golden Eggs on the you tube link.  There is another version of the story attached as a document as well.
  • Can you spot this vocabulary in the story after reading? You could find and highlight these words with a highlighter pen or write them down. – acorns – bale – prosperous – possessions – glorious – horror – plenty
  • Now look for any other examples of new/ interesting vocabulary and highlight/ write these down.  Review the story using the vocabulary explored. Can you say what each word means in relation to the story? Read the sentence the word is in. Discuss the meaning of the word in the sentence.  Write a sentence for some of the new words you have found using the context of the story.
  •  Check each sentence for spelling and punctuation together

Maths - White Rose Hub

Year 3 Week 2 lesson 5 - Equivalent Fractions

Year 4 - Week 2 Lesson 3 - Hundredths as decimals - You could also look at the Year 3 work as we have missed doing this in class.



RE - We are going to be learning about Islam this term and our key question is How do we live our lives.  The foundations of the Muslim faith are based on the 5 Pillars of Islam.  Find out about these 5 pillars.  I have attached a video clip from the BBC to watch.  Maybe you could email a friend in class who is  Muslim and ask them what the 5 pillars mean to them.  We will be learning  more about Ramadan next week. 


PE - Work out with Joe Wicks or follow the Lancashire Stay Home Work Out schedule. 


Heidi has asked for the return of the family my challenge today is to use the pack of cards from your Maths Home Learning Pack.... build the best card house that you can.... Who can make the most creative or the highest card house?