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Wednesday 29th April

Maths =

In maths this week, we will be trialling a new resource. This is the 'White Rose Hub Home Learning' resources which is the scheme we use in school.

On the below link, there is a maths lesson each day with video and an activity for you to complete. Use the answers sheet to help you mark the work. Please make sure you complete LESSON 3 WEEK 1 ' TENTHS ON A PLACE VALUE GRID' not the week beginning 27th April as we didn't use this resource before Easter so we need to start at the beginning.

Literacy =

1. How is chocolate made? Have a look at these websites. Read all the information:

https://miniyummers.c om/how-is-chocolate- made-a-guide-for-kids/

2.Jot down any new/ unfamiliar vocabulary, e.g. ferment, bitter, mass, created.

Use a dictionary/online dictionary such as Word Hippo to find out the meanings of these words. 

3. Watch this clip: om/watch?v=PGaLWuLz HBU

and/or this one: om/watch?v=4vXb8Tt_ VCU

4. Make notes from the websites and clips about chocolate. Use these heading to help organise your notes:

- Information about where chocolate come from

- Information about the beans

- Information about shipping

- Any important dates

- From bean to chocolate (the process)

-Types of chocolate

5.If you are allowed and have an adult with you, why not have a go at baking the delicious cookies in the recipe!

Reading =

1. Please make sure you are reading for at least 20 minutes and listen to me reading a chapter of our class novel each day.

2. Complete an activity on read theory each day or a comprehension from your reading pack.

3. If you have IDL, log on and complete a lesson.

Spellings =

1. Using the PDF document below, ask someone in your house to read aloud the sentences for you (on the second page).You will need to spell the word in red from your adults sheet. Write the spelling down. These are the 'dis and mis' words from your Purple Mash Quiz on Monday.

2. Using the second sheet that your adult used to read aloud, please mark your spellings. Any that you got incorrect, please practice.

Dis and mis Spellings

NEW TOPIC CHALLENGE: Food technology.

Your task this week is to do a little Design Technology Project (DT Project). As you are no doubt be spending a lot of time in the house at the moment, it seems right that we do our bit to help our parents with a meal.


I challenge you all (if you can) to do the following:

On Monday and Tuesday, you planned your sandwich. Today, you are going to make it for your family!

- Make. Today, you need to make the sandwiches. Please send me plenty of photos, this will make me very happy to see you all making a meal for your family!


*Please follow all sensible health and safety advice. Children should never be left alone with ovens, hot pans, knives etc or anything that could bring any harm to them. If in doubt – don’t do it! I know you all know this – I just need to remind you of it – and of course WASH YOUR HANDS!

Computing =

Our new unit for this half term is 'email'. 

I have set you a 'Computing - Communication' to do on Purple Mash.

If you click and edit with the little pen where it says method, you can choose a way of communicating (e.g face to face conversation, text, fact time, letter, email ect.).Then you can think of the advantages (good things) about this type of communication eg. tone of voice, can clear up misunderstandings ect. and disadvantages (bad things) about this type of communication eg.have to be in the same place at the same time, people may be shy ect. Complete this for the different methods of communicating.