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Wednesday 3rd June

Hi Everyone

Hope you have had a good half term.

Here is your work for today.

Please start by reading the PDF document First News

First News

First Session - Spelling and Grammar

Please take thre next six homophones ( isle , aisle, aloud , allowed,affect and effect ) Learn what they mean and how to spell them. Write each word in a sentence and put it in your exercise book.

Today we are learning about writing a recount using first person, past tense and time connectives. Click below. Watch the videos and do activity one and then do activity two or write an recount of a day in lockdown.

Second Session

This week our focus is still on the Titanic.

Continue to explore all there is to know about the most famous ocean liner, Titanic. This week concentrates on the sinking of Titanic.

When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter this week, it is advised that all reading activities and the watching of clips, are completed with an adult and supported through discussion.

Watch Sinking of the Titanic - only up to 6 :30 mins below.


Write down key facts about the sinking as you watch. Imagine you are a news reporter in 1912 and you have just received the information that Titanic has sunk. Write a news report explaining to you readers the events of the tragedy. Once you have written your news report, if possible, you may wish to film your report as if it is aired on BBC news. An example of a completed news report can be found. Click below

Remember to read back through your work and check your spelling and punctuation.

Third Session

Fluency - Maths Challenge

Click below and do the weekly challenges.

Watch the video and you can either put the answer in your book or print off the sheet and write your answers on it. Click below
Then press the - (minus ) on Summer Term Week 5 ( w/c 18th May ) in the right hand corner. Then press Summer Term Week 3 ( w/c 4th May ) and find lesson 3 - Divide with Remainders.

Fourth Session

Last Sunday was Whitsun in the Christian Church. This is the day where the Holy Spirit came down from Heaven to the Apostles. Please click below and read the information on the Christian festival of Pentecost and then do two pages of activities. If you can use the QR code great . If not choose one of the other activities.

Fifth Session

Go to the park or an open space with an adult and draw what you can see.

Take care everybody !

Mrs Cheetham