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Wednesday 3rd June

Hello everyone...Happy Wednesday!


I hope you have had a lovely restful half term.  The weather has been beautiful and being able to spend time outdoors with family is certainly a blessing. 


Hopefully you will be able to use the next few days to get back into a routine of school work.  Remember to just do whatever you can.  I don't expect everyone to do everything I  set, there is lots of choice.  Keeping up to date with basic skills, reading, enjoying exercise, looking after your emotional well being and staying safe are all important 


As always there are some to-dos on purple mash.  


Reading - Read your book for at least 15 minutes and talk about it to a grown up. Let me know what you are reading so we can share reviews


Spelling - Look over the words you were learning last half term.. Which ones are you still finding tricky? Practise these again, writing them 3 times over. 


English -

We are going to look at one of my favourite poems today.  It is called the sound collector.  You can read it in the document at the bottom or listen to Roger McGough reading it on the link. 

In the poem there are some great examples of onomatopoeia where the word sounds like the sound it makes.... make a list of these words.  

Now think of ways you can use these words in extended sentences.

For example, When I pull the plug out of the sink, I can hear the water gurgling down the drain. 


 We are having a break from White Rose Hub this week as I didn't want to get confused by starting midweek.  We will be back using it next week!


Today there are 3 activities to choose from ( just do one or all - it is up to you!) 

Number of the week

Place Value Steps ( this is like ladders when we play in school)

Magic triangle.  

All the links are below and there is a video to demonstrate the game

RE -  

This week is Pentecost in the Christian calendar.  A time to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit.  When we learnt about the Trinity, we looked at how the different parts are represented. The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. It is mentioned on other occasions in the Bible such as Jesus' baptism (Mark 1:9-11). The dove is also a symbol of peace. Peace is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Read the letter written by St Paul to the Galatians (Chapter 5:22-23) in the New Testament. Make a list of the fruits of the Spirit. Do you recognise any of them? Are they the  values you try to follow? Of course they are! Draw a picture or create a powerpoint to show these fruits in action. I wonder if you think any particular fruits of the Spirit are flourishing at the moment? Can you think of any stories in the news that are telling us about the fruits of the Spirit and Christian values in action? Make a note of them to share when you are back at school.


PE - Choose a cosmic yoga from the link below on youtube and have go at home 


Family challenge - Learn how to spell our name using British Sign Language ( link below)