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Wednesday 8th July

Hello all and a happy Wednesday!:)

Well done for everything you have done so far this week - I love getting your pictures of the work you do. Keep up the hard work everyone!


The PDF documents needed for the activities can be found at the bottom of this web page. 


Maths =

1.Practice your times tables on Purple Mash or TTRockstars.


2.We are now on SUMMER TERM WEEK 8 (w/c 15th June) on White Rose Hub Home Learning.

Please use this link -



You can access the video online using the link above and please use the PDF below and complete the activity then use the answers PDF to mark your work. 


Literacy =

1. Continue reading from page 9 to the end of Run Wild by Gill Lewis using the extract on the PDF below.

2. Investigate any unfamiliar words. Think about Izzy’s emotions throughout the extract. How has she been feeling at different points?

3. Read back through and highlight (if you have printed the story out) or note down parts in the story where her emotions change, e.g. Trying to get in the gas works – determined.

4. Complete an emotions graph to show how Izzy’s emotions have changed throughout the extract. On the x-axis write the significant events of the extract, e.g. breaking into the gas works, practicing an ollie etc. On the y-axis write a range of emotions, e.g. determined, anxious, etc. Think back to Monday and the choice of adjectives that you used to write your first impressions of the different characters. Could you use some of those? An example image of an emotions graph can be found on the link below. (Click on the left hand image under the heading Emotions Graph to enlarge).



Spellings =

1. Using the PDF document below, ask someone in your house to read aloud the sentences for you (on the second page).You will need to spell the word in red from your adults sheet. Write the spelling down in the gap in your sentences. These are the '-ous suffix'  spellings from your Purple Mash Quiz on Monday.

2. Using the second sheet that your adult used to read aloud, please mark your spellings. Any that you got incorrect, please practice.



We have been thinking about prayer

Christians have special prayers that are said at different times.  One special prayer is the Lords Prayer.  Read the words on the image below.  What do you think it means?  Re write it in your own words.