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Wednesday 8th July

Hello everyone. I hope you are having a great week. 



Use the words for this week to create a wordsearch or crossword



How does a hot air balloon work?

Watch the clip and read the information on the web page below: What is a Hot Air Balloon?

Explore any vocabulary that is unfamiliar, e.g. suspended, altitude, resistant, navigate. Use a dictionary to find the definitions of these words.  Word Hippo is great for this.

Read through The History of The Hot Air Balloon section on the website below Write down five facts that you have found out.

Now enjoy watching some real hot air balloons on the clips below:



Year 3 - Horizontal and Vertical

Year 4 - Introducing Line Graphs


Year 4  could also recap by looking at the Year 3 work 



We have been thinking about prayer

Christians have special prayers that are said at different times.  One special prayer is the Lords Prayer.  Read the words on the image below.  What do you think it means?  Re write it in your own words.