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Winter Wonderland - Autumn 2

Lost and Found

We read the story 'Lost and Found' and talked about why the Penguin was sad. We used cubes to measure the heights of penguins, we painted pictures of penguins and even made some in the craft area! The children really enjoyed learning about the cold weather and exploring ice!

The Snowman

We read 'The Snowman' story and watched the animation clip to grasp the story. We enjoyed painting pictures of snowmen, acting out the story in the small world and explored mixing colours to make a snow scene. We used the numbered snowmen to help us with our counting to 10 (we had to match the correct amount of buttons).

The Gruffalo's Child


We read the story of the Gruffalo's Child and acted out the story in a variety of ways. We made a 'cave' from the story and used masks to retell the story. We made small Gruffalo's in the playdough and made different noises we might hear in a cave or in the forest with the musical instruments.