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Our new novel is Phoenix by SF Said. 

We have been using lots of aspects of the book for writing stimulus. 

One part we particularly enjoyed was making the chocolate brownies! 

We then re-wrote the instructions using a little M&S sparkle! 

Photos to follow! 

Please follow the link below to find out more about our class novel. 

Red riding hood.

We started the week by looking at the Roald Dahl poem Red Riding Hood. We found the poem very funny and we enjoyed the rhyming used. We thought it gave the poem a good pace and rhythm. We also enjoyed the fact the story was a traditional tale with a twist!


We then had a go at writing our own narrative, rhyming poem and we found this difficult. 

We stared by deciding on the story we wanted to re-tell. After discussion we landed on the Sloth from Planet Earth 2. 


Next week we are going to look at The Lion, the Unicorn and Me. It is the traditional Christmas story with a twist! We will then write our own versions of the traditional story with a twist, and hopefully transform it into a narrative poem! 


Find the video that inspired us below and some of our narrative poems.