School Council

School Council

This term School Council wants to look at the wellbeing of the children at St Stephens. We want to be Wellbeing Ambassadors.We have made a plan to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children.


We have lots of Ideas

Being Safe when we travel to school

Healthy Lunches

Wellbeing stations

Happy Breathing

Worry Boxes 


We are going to try and get the bronze accreditation for Myhappyminds.


Our School Council

Year 1 - Kimberley and Zyaan

Year 1/2 -  Anisa and Mariah

Year 2 - Ella and Haashinii

Year 3 - Ciara and Mohammed

Year 3/4 - Amelia and Remi

Year 4 - Khadijah and Jacob

Year 5C - Safiyyah and Rejoice

Year 5/6 - Junaid and Hannah

Year 6 - Panna and Finley


Aspire to Greatness