The Eco Council

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We are working towards the Green Flag Award!

“Walk to School Wednesday” 

An initiative to reduce car emissions around our school and to make our site safer for pedestrians

Every Wednesday, Eco council would like to reduce traffic outside school—just for one day.  Everyone will have to walk (some distance) and not a single car to drop off outside the premises!  School council encourage children to cycle, walk or scooter to school.

“Fun Food Friday”  

An initiative to reduce plastic waste in lunchboxes

The Eco Council propose that Monday to Thursday is plastic free in school lunchboxes.  Yes, not a single bit of plastic! Healthy food choices from Monday to Thursday and then a treat for the last day of the week!

On a Friday, items in plastic will be allowed—i.e. a chocoloate    biscuit, yogurt in plastic or packet of crisps.

Walk to School Wednesday was the most popular choice but not by many votes! We now want you to walk to school on a Wednesday for 3 dojos!

Eco day at Brockholes Nature Reserve

We had a fantastic day at Brockholes Nature Reserve. We mixed with other schools and learnt how to be Eco Councillors. We participated in many activities such as finding mini beasts, making banners, making sea creatures out of plastics and bird watching. We had a great time!

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