Dinosaur Discovery

Date: 19th Oct 2021 @ 8:39pm

Today we got a message showing us a Triceratops had visited our forest!

We went to go and find it but we could not see it anywhere. However, we did find some dinosaur 'poo'! We became palaeontologists and explored the 'poo' to see what we could find inside. We decided that the poo had come from a herbivore as we could only find evidence of grass and leaves and we know that Triceratops are herbivores. However, one Explorer found grass, leaves and bones in their 'poo'! This made us wonder where that 'poo' had come from.

A few Inventors found 'poo' from a carnivore too as it only contained bones!

Maybe there are a few more dinosaurs in our Environmental area...... Great investigating Inventors & Explorers!!

Can you spot the 'poo' in our forest?


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