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Apple Pressing

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 8:08pm

Year 1/2 really enjoyed harvesting apples from around our school grounds to make fresh apple juice. The children enjoyed picking their own apple and watching the apple pressing process take place. It was so tasty!!

Prince Edward Earl of Wessex and Sophie Countess of Wessex

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 8:02pm

Our pupils in KS1 were invited to receive the Count and Countess of Wessex, Edward and Sophie. It was delightful to welcome them to Preston Market and to Miller Park. The Royal couple were very generous with their time and they were attentive in talking to the children. We were very grateful for the opportunity to be present at the celebration of the 20th year of the 2002 Jubilee at which Preston was named as a city. Children were given flags and goody bags containing a drink and a snack. They were very welcoming of our special visitors and the sun shone for us on the day.

National Trust Outdoor Learning

Date: 5th Oct 2022 @ 7:51pm

The National Trust took the Year 1/2 class into the environmental area for an art lesson on the artist Monet. Children looked at one of Monet's paintings 'Water Lillies'. They then explored the environmental area pond and looked at similarities. Children used Monet's painting for inspiration and used pigments from leaves and flowers to create their own art using nature. 

Mummifying a tomato

Date: 4th Oct 2022 @ 11:10am

This term Year 4 are learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We learnt about mummification and decided to try it with a tomato. In groups, we had 2 pieces of tomato. We scooped out the seeds and juice and pretended it was like the organs. Then we put one piece in a cup and covered it with baking soda and salt (pretending it was natron just like the Egyptians). We put the other piece in a cup with nothing. We are going to check on it in a few weeks time and see if the salt and baking powder helped preserve the tomato just like a real mummy.


Date: 4th Oct 2022 @ 11:07am

Year 4 had a great time taking part in a Zumba session, the children couldn't stop moving and smiling!

National Trust Outdoor Learning

Date: 4th Oct 2022 @ 10:55am

The National Trust took the Year 4 class into the environmental area and completed some fantastic team building activities with us. The challenge was to make a secure raft using natural resources, then we let them float in a washing up bowl with water and tested to see how many pennies they could hold. It ws great fun!

UCLAN Young Scientist Training (Electricity)

Date: 30th Sep 2022 @ 2:38pm

In Year 6, we visited UCLAN to learn more about electricity as young scientists. We learned how electricity worked, how to create functioning circuits and how they are written down universally. We also solved problems which demonstrated our understanding of electricity - as well as having some fun with static electricity and a Van der Graff generator!

Year 5 Science Trip to Uclan

Date: 27th Sep 2022 @ 5:04pm

Today 5D went to UCLAN and visited the Young Science Centre to take part in some "Electrifying Experiments". We had great fun and learnt all about where our electricity comes from, how to build different circuits ad how the voltage can affect different components. We took part in some team challenges and even made people's hair stand on end!


Date: 22nd Jul 2022 @ 11:04am





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EYFS Observational drawing

Date: 22nd Jul 2022 @ 10:45am

Foundation looked closely at the shapes and details they could see to draw their flowers. They experimented with H and 2B sketching pencils and selected their own colours to complete their drawings.  

British Science Week EYFS

Date: 22nd Jul 2022 @ 10:45am


Date: 29th Jun 2022 @ 3:23pm


EYFS Space Art

Foundation have enjoyed learning about Peter Thrope and have use multi-media to create their our space inspired art work. Over a number of weeks the children explored using different mark making media including oil pastels, crayons, chalks and paint. They practiced drawing rockets, noticing the smaller shapes they could see to build it up to a rocket and then created a space themed background with bold colours, inspired by Peter Thorpe.





Gypsy Traveller Month

Date: 24th Jun 2022 @ 2:47pm

To celebrate Gypsy Traveller Month, some visitors came into school and taught us how to make carnation flowers out of toilet paper and paint. Carnations are symbolic to Gypsy Travellers and the flowers looked beautiful!

EA Flooding Presentation

Date: 24th Jun 2022 @ 2:44pm

The Environmental Agency visited Year 4 and told us all about flooding in Preston. We learnt about how flooding is caused, how to prevent flooding and what to do in the event of a flood. It was great fun!

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

Date: 27th May 2022 @ 3:53pm

We had a fantastic afternoon celebrating the Queen's platinum jubilee. We had a picnic on the field, performed dances, sang some wonderful songs, watched EYFS act out the Queen's procession and played some party games. What a brilliant afternoon!

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Date: 27th May 2022 @ 3:45pm


Date: 16th May 2022 @ 4:34pm

Preston Cricket Club have been coming into school every week to teach cricket to Lower Key Stage 2 classes. The children have really enjoyed it and learnt lots of new skills.

Mosque visit

Date: 16th May 2022 @ 4:32pm

Lower Key Stage 2 classes had a wonderful time visiting the local Mosque. This links in with our recent celebration of Eid and the children are studying Islam in RE this half term.

Eid Enrichment Day

Date: 15th May 2022 @ 5:49pm

On Thursday 5th May, the whole school celebrated Eid by taking part in different activities. Mr Timol presented a talk to classes in Lower Key Stage 2 classes and we learnt about why Muslims fast during Ramadan. Mrs Tagari allowed us to try some traditional food such as dates and bread to dip in sauces. We also made prayer mats using a weaving technique.

Brockholes - Year 4

Date: 22nd Apr 2022 @ 3:32pm

Year 4 went on a trip to Brockholes as part of our rivers unit in Geography and our living things and their habitats unit in Science. We had a great time, we did a minibeast hunt, we created minibeasts with natural resources, we explored parts of the River Ribble and spent some time bird watching.

Comic Relief

Date: 24th Mar 2022 @ 11:19am

For Comic Relief, we had a non-uniform day for a donation of 50p and Year 1/2 completed and egg and spoon race. It was SO much fun!

British Science Week

Date: 19th Mar 2022 @ 3:24pm

For British Science Week, Year 4 had a fascinating talk from Dr Wilbraham who is a nuclear engineer/scientist and we made Bug Hotels which is also part of our DT project of making shelters.

Comic Relief

Date: 19th Mar 2022 @ 3:20pm

For Comic Relief, we had a non-uniform day for a donation of 50p and Year 4 had a crazy hair day. Look at some of these fabulous hair styles!

Lower KS2 Gurdwara Trip

Date: 19th Mar 2022 @ 3:17pm

Year 3, Year 3/4 and Year 4 have been learning about Sikhism in RE. To consolidate our learning, we went on a trip to the Gurdwara on Bow Lane. We learnt lots about the Five K's, the Gurdwara, the Guru Granth Sahib and Guru Nanak. 

Foundation Explorers British Science Week

Date: 17th Mar 2022 @ 4:14pm

This week Explorers turned into Scientists for the day and we had lots of fun! We completed a variety of experiments and made predictions of what might happen. 

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