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Environmental Area/PSHE

Date: 29th Nov 2021 @ 9:00pm

We have been learning about physical touch and how sometimes that can be kind (like a hug or a pat on the back) and sometimes it can be unkind (like fighting or being too aggressive in games). We also learnt to respect people's personal space and ensure we are gentle when playing games. We played 'Scarecrow tag' and 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' to help us understand this.

Children In Need

Date: 29th Nov 2021 @ 8:54pm

For Children In Need, we decorated biscuits to make them look like Pudsey Bear.

Children in Need

Date: 20th Nov 2021 @ 7:58pm

For Children in Need, we created and had a game of Pudsey Golf. We had such a great time!

Our visit to The Knife Angel

Date: 19th Nov 2021 @ 3:44pm

On Tuesday we visited Blackburn Cathedral and the Knife Angel sculpture. We talked about how it was made and the knife amnisty that had collected all of the knives that were used to make it.   The Angel was very big and looked shocked by ow many knives there were. It took over 1900 knives to make it.   Every knife used had once been carried on our streets. Whilst at Blackburn Cathedral we also searched for other angels. these angels were smiling and spreading the message of God. After the visit we had a talk about carrying knifes and knife crime from our local police. 

Back at school we have been writing some thought provoking poetry and doing some sketches about what we saw and how this made us feel. 

Look out for more photos to follow of our Knife Angel work.

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Learning to play a brass instrument.

Date: 19th Nov 2021 @ 3:11pm

On a Tuesday afternoon some of Year 6 are learing to play the trumpet.  the first time we played we couldnt even make  sound as we weren't blowing it correctly.  As the weeks went on we got better and better and now we can play a tune!

Come and listen to us do a renditition of Jingle bells at our christmas fair!

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What is air resistance?

Date: 19th Nov 2021 @ 3:01pm

In science we have been looking at Forces. We decided to do an experiment to test air resistance.  We needed t make sure the test was fair. So we measured two distances in the MUGA  and collected stop watches and a parachute. We timed ourselves running the distance , then timed our selves again running the same distance but with a parachute behind us.    We found that the parachute caused air resistance and slowed us down. 

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Diwali in Year 6

Date: 18th Nov 2021 @ 12:04pm

We celebrated the festival of Diwali, the Hindu festival of light around school this week.   In year six we dressed in bright coloured clothes , made diya lamps from salt dough , made beautiful rangoli patterns and painted them in bright metalic colours. We learnt a traditional Diwali dance and acted out a scene  from the Hindu story of Rama and Sita.    What a great celebration we had. You can find our Divali dances and the story of Rama and Sita on our school Dojo page .

IMG_1247 (2).PNG    IMG_1227(1).JPG   IMG_1244 (2).PNG   IMG_1248 (2).PNG IMG_1236.PNG   IMG_1238 (2).PNG   IMG_1241 (2).PNG    IMG_1239 (2).PNG

A Mythological Quiz

Date: 18th Nov 2021 @ 11:29am

Our Literacy work this term has been inspired by Greek myths, Gods and heros.   The literacy challenge for today was to make  quiz questions for a Mythological quiz.  We tested out our questions out on Mr Scott and Mrs Garstang.

IMG_1194.JPG                IMG_1195.JPG          IMG_1196.JPG

Team Buliding

Date: 18th Nov 2021 @ 11:12am

Year 6 took part in a team building exersise.     We all worked in small groups and each group were given sheets of paper and a glue stick.

Our challenge was to build a tower as high as possible and stood with out support.   Engineers in the making!

IMG_1163.JPG              IMG_1162.JPG

A visit to Christ The King High school

Date: 18th Nov 2021 @ 10:59am

Year 6 visited Christ The King high school for taster sessions.  We experienced high school lessons in science, art, P.E , maths, cookery and history.    We tried Trampolining , made cookies and did a science experiment.  We are all exited about choosing our high school and starting next year.

IMG_1170.JPG   IMG_1173.JPG    IMG_1176.JPG   IMG_1164(1).JPG



Date: 8th Nov 2021 @ 6:53pm

On our Diwali enrichment day, Year 1/2 participated in various craft activities. We made Diva lamps, lanterns and rangoli patterns. We had so much fun!

PNE Gymnastics

Date: 8th Nov 2021 @ 6:37pm

PNE coaches have been teaching Year 1/2 Gymnastics. They have learnt different gymnasic shapes, balances, rolls and jumps. Take a look at our photographs!

Roman Mosaics Workshop

Date: 7th Nov 2021 @ 6:59pm

We invited mosaic artist, Patricia Lee to our school to do a mosaic workshop. She has work in the Museum of Liverpool, she has been on TV a couple of times and worked with Neil Buchanan. Each child had the opportunity to make their own Roman mosaic.

Black History Month 2021

Date: 20th Oct 2021 @ 2:31pm

To celebrate Black History Month this year, each class chose a significant black person that they were inspired by and decorated their classroom doors with pictures and facts about the person. We also used some books to inspire us and learn about amazing black people that have made a difference.

Take a look at some of the amazing door displays each class created:

Outdoor Learning

Date: 19th Sep 2021 @ 7:53pm

Wallace and Gromit

Date: 19th Sep 2021 @ 7:45pm

Five children were able to attend the unveiling of The Wallace and Gromit bench in Preston on 10th September. The children were interviewed for The One Show, North West Tonight and Granada Reports. Watch the links here!






Date: 9th Sep 2021 @ 8:33pm

In our English unit Poems learnt by heart, we looked at the poem Robot Rumpus. To aid us with our imagination and writing, we all made our own robot. Take a look!

DT & Music Event

Date: 25th Jun 2021 @ 2:31pm

We had a Music and DT event in school. Our challenge was to make a guitar that we could play from cardboard. Take a look at the process and then the final products towards the end.

Sports Day

Date: 25th Jun 2021 @ 2:21pm

Planting in the park

Date: 16th Jun 2021 @ 9:53am

This week some of our year 6 children planted sunflowers in Avenham Park in the new flower bed at the top of the steps :)

Eid Enrichment Day

Date: 23rd May 2021 @ 3:40pm

We had a wonderful day celebrating Eid together. 

We learnt about the 5 pillars of Islam, looked at a child's prayer beads and prayer mat, ate some delicious foods and made our own mosaics. 

Design and Technology

Date: 23rd May 2021 @ 3:36pm

In DT we have been developing our food technology skills. 

We made a welsh fruit loaf called Mamgus Bara Brith. It was delicious.

Environmental Area

Date: 23rd May 2021 @ 3:24pm

We have been using the environmental area to support our cross curricular learning such as Maths and Science.

Take a look at our photos.

Lancashire Library Book Awards

Date: 23rd May 2021 @ 3:19pm

We entered the Lancashire Library Book Awards. 

In class, we read a selection of Book Award books. 
We had to create a posting box to vote for our favourite, so we changed our reading area to a scene from the story 'One Stop Story Shop'.

Our class favourite was........Unipiggle!

Separation Experiment

Date: 7th May 2021 @ 11:22am

Year 6 were challenged to make an unknown liquid safe to drink by conducting their own experiments!

Aspire to Greatness