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Date: 23rd May 2023 @ 1:39pm

Nursery children enjoy going into the Computing Suite to develop their technology skills.

Diwali Day

Date: 9th May 2023 @ 11:57am

We had a wonderful Diwali day. We made food and diva lamps.

Burnley Youth Theatre

Date: 9th May 2023 @ 11:34am

We went to Burnley Youth Theatre to meet our link school. We had a great day doing drama with West End Primary School.


Date: 9th May 2023 @ 11:06am

In Year 3/4 we love doing gymnastics.


Date: 3rd May 2023 @ 2:44pm

In 3/4 we learnt about Stonehenge and made our own Stonehenges using bricks.

Composing music

Date: 18th Apr 2023 @ 12:18pm

In our music lessons, we have been composing music. We wrote notes down on a whiteboard and then used different music instruments to perform our composition.

French Club Café

Date: 27th Mar 2023 @ 8:38pm

We enjoyed sampling some French food and giving our opinions in French! 

Bon appetit!


Tudor Zoom

Date: 22nd Mar 2023 @ 2:24pm

We had a zoom lesson from the Royal Historic Palaces which talked about how we use evidence to find out about the past. We learnt about John Blanke who was a black trumpeteer during the reigns of Henry VII and Henry VIII. 

Hothersall Lodge

Date: 22nd Mar 2023 @ 2:14pm

OnThursday 16th March, a group of children went to Hothersall Lodge where we had a fun day taking part in orienteering activities, soaring down the zip line and learning to steer canoes around the Lake. It was a great way to use our Christian values of trust, respect, courage and perseverence. All the children really pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and should be very proud of themselves. 

Fashion/La mode

Date: 20th Mar 2023 @ 7:37pm

In Year 5 and 6 we have been learning how to describe what someone is wearing and how to give an opinion on their outfit.  

We held our own défilé de mode (fashion show)!




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Activate with Andy

Date: 13th Mar 2023 @ 8:24pm

Nursery participated in weekly sessions with Activate with Andy. We have been working on different skills, such as, warm ups, listening to and following instructions, team games and developing our fundemental skills. 

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Our visit to St Stephen's Church

Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 3:20pm

Year 6 visited St Stephen's Church to learn about the Eucharist. We saw the Altar table, the chalice and all the items that a Vicar uses to give the congregation Holy Communion. We found out why Christians have bread and wine at a Eucharist service and what these things represent.

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Visit to Priory High School Science Department

Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 3:10pm

We had a trip to Priory High School to take part in a science workshop about solids and liquids.

It was great to see the classrooms that some of us will be learning in next year.  We took part in experiments which involved trying to melt jelly beans in hot and cold water. We used stopwatches to time how long it took for the jelly beans to dissolve. 

We are all excited to learn more about science when we start high school.

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Christmas Red Cross Parcels

Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 3:00pm

Our school challenge this year was to collect items and make Christmas parcels for refugees in our local community. 

Each class started to collect items from these four categories: Wash, Wear, Write and WOW! For example, wash;- shampoo, write:- pens and pencils, wear:-  hats and gloves and WOW:- a treat such as a chocolate bar.

We filled shoe boxes with all our gifts and then wrapped them in Christmas paper.

Two of Year 6 along with Mrs Wright and Mrs Garstang then took 56 parcels to the Red Cross Christmas get-together and handed out parcels to the refugee familes. There were people from all over the world including Afghanistan, Syria, The Philippines, Columbia, Ukraine and Mexico.

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Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 2:31pm

St Stephen's boys and girls have been taking part in inter-school football leagues.

The children learnt how necessary team work is to achieve success.

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The Human Digestive System

Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 2:22pm

Year 6 had a visitor from UCLan University to talk to us all about the human digestive system. 

It was a great session and we took part in an interactive experiment that showed us what happens when we eat food. 

We used sieves and a pair of tights to reduce the food into liquid just like our stomach and intestine does.

The worst bit was the end product!  It was a great learning opportunity.

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Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 2:08pm

Our Diwali celebrations this year were amazing. We all learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali and took part in workshops. The Diwali festival celebrates light.

Year 6 all made our own Diwali lamps by making small pinch pots out of clay. We then decorated them and added metallic paint and sparkly decorations. A small candle was then added to our candle holder.

Each class made food to add to the school's Diwali food altar.  It looks fantastic when we had all added our dishes and lamps. Year 6 made Rocky Road pieces, they were delicious.


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Year 6 Zumba

Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 1:55pm

Our Zumba taster session was great. We all learnt that dancing gets our hearts pumping which means that it is excellent cardio exercise. 

It was pretty hard to keep up with the movements that the instructor showed us. We are now doing a Zumba afterschool club.

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Year 6 Yoga

Date: 9th Mar 2023 @ 1:47pm

Year 6 took part in a taster Yoga session. 

We practised breathing techniques and different yoga positions. It was tricky to balance in some of them.

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Making Healthy Sandwiches

Date: 7th Mar 2023 @ 5:15pm

We made healthy sandwiches for our most recent DT project. We tasted different fillings and decided which fillings we would like to use in our sandwiches. We then went to the supermarket to buy all the ingredients. When the sandwiches were made, we then ate them in the Environmental area.

Making Christmas Stockings

Date: 7th Mar 2023 @ 5:10pm

For our DT projects, we made some Christmas stockings. We sewed them together using a running stitch, we used the skill of cutting to cut the templates out and then we decorated them after.

Dance Festival

Date: 7th Mar 2023 @ 4:58pm

A dance teacher called Natasha came to our school for 5 weeks to teach us a Bollywood dance. We then went to Christ the King School to perform our dance in front of other primary schools.

Parts of a Flower

Date: 7th Mar 2023 @ 3:47pm

We learnt about the different parts of a flower. We then went into the Environmental Area and used natural resources to make the parts of a flower, we then took photos and labelled them in our books.

A Tale from Pompeii

Date: 7th Mar 2023 @ 12:34pm

In 79AD over 16,000 lost their lives when Vesuvius erupted and destroyed ancient Pompeii. We heard from Aemilius about her life before the blast and that terrifying day when things changed forever.

She told us all about her story, asked us questions and we asked her our own questions.

Aspire to Greatness