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Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables. Paper copies of DFE informtion relating to the school may be requested from the school office.

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Our Data 2019

Due to the OFSTED-19 pandemic, no statutory data submission was carried out nationally during the 2019-20 or 2020-21 academic years. Therefore, the most recent performance tables, 2019, can be found below. 

EYFS Results 2019

 Children entered Reception below age related expectations.  They made good progress to achieve 55% at GLD (Good Level of Development)

Y1 Phonics Results 2019

Y1 Phonics 2019 Result


(result minus new arrivals and SEN = 76%)


Our KS1 Results 2019


Number Of Pupils = 25

Children who reached Expected Standard


Results 1st figure followed by results for non transient pupils

Children who reached Greater Depth


Results 1st figure followed by results for non transient pupils

Reading 60%/66% 16%/22%
Writing 56%/66% 16%/22%
Mathematics 60%/66% 18%/22%
Combined R/W/M 52%/61% 8%/11%

KS2 Results 2019


 42 Pupils

14 arrivals across KS2 and 8 leavers

Y6 RESULTS for children working at the Expected Standard  followed by result for non transient pupils Y6 RESULTS for Higher Standard followed by result for non transient pupils
Reading 67%/80% 19%/27%
Writing 61%/70% 15%/13%
Mathematics 74%/80% 19%/23%

Combined R/W/M

56%/63% 7%/10%

Progress Scores:  Reading: 1  Writing -1.1   Maths: -0.4        Pupils with us from Year 3:  R: 2.9   Wr -0.3  M: 1.1

Scaled Scores:  Reading: 103  Grammar Spelling and Punctuation: 106   Maths: 103

Scaled Scores: (children from Y3): Reading: 105   Maths: 104

School Performance Information from the DFE

School Performance Table

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