Catch-up Premium

At the beginning of the academic year, schools nationally were offered a grant called School-Led tutoring funding. The grant had strict parameters and guideline of how to spend it or it would be revoked at the end of the academic year. The aim of the funding was to close some of the gaps created by the COVID pandemic, particularly for disadvantaged pupils.

There were two routes possible when spending the funding; school-led tutoring or the national tutoring programme. The school-led option allowed school to fund a staff member to either conduct interventions or to release teachers to conduct interventions. The national tutoring option involved getting external tutors in to work with children.

As a school, we decided the school-led tutoring option was the most fitting for our children for two main reasons: to ensure they are working with a familiar adult and to ensure consistency in planning and assessment.

A teacher who was working for 1 day per week was employed for 2 additional days to release teaching staff to work on gaps identified in class. The teachers have worked with small groups of up to six and individuals to maximise progress and catch up on lost learning. So far, 216 children have benefitted from this small group tuition and intervention.

This is planned to continue into the 2022-23 academic year. 

If you have any questions about how this funding and support is targeted, please give Ms Greenhalgh a call on 01772 556 306. 


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