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Easter Worship 2023

This Easter we celebrated together with a special act of worship where our artistic talents were put to good use.  Each class were inspired by  pieces of art work before they produced their very own paintings using specific techniques to tell a section of the Easter story.  We used art work and song to share the story of Christ's arrest, crucifixion and resurrection.  Our worship leaders also wrote prayers and helped to present the pieces of work.

You can see the pieces of art work here

Fairtrade, Lent and Equality 2023

This Lent we have celebrated Fairtrade fortnight with a "bake off".  Lent is usually a time of fasting but we have used Fairtrade fortnight to recognise the luxury foods we have that we cannot take for granted.  Bakes from our bake off were sold to raise funds for Christian Aid and the theme of "Save the planet" helped us to think about how we can reduce, re-use and recycle, particularly during Lent.  We have used our worship and reflection times to find out more about inequality of resources across our world and the impact of climate change on those deprived communities who produce food which is transported across the world.  We have also explored ways that we can better look after God's earth. Our worship leaders attended the Fairtrade conference at county hall and helped to prepare for the Bake Off.  They advertised the event, wrote letters to invite judges and they decorated the prize bags.

Our school community responded amazingly and the bakes were absolutely tremendous.  A group of families attended a bake session and donated the cakes baked to "Bake Off". Our visitors, including the mayor, commented on how wonderful it was to see the community come together to highlight a global need.  The mayor, Neil, was questioned by the Eco Council about how Preston City Council is reducing the impact of climate change. Councillors will now explore further ways of how we can work with the Council to improve our local environment.  Cath Greenless also visited to bring Fairtrade products and prizes as well as to be interviewed by children about the work of Christian Aid and the importance of Fairtrade.  Our Judges - Cath, Jane and Mrs Islam were able to select overall winners and rewards were handed out to all who took part in the Bake Off.

Our hall was decorated with Fairtrade bunting and children re-used or recycled paper. They wrote messages and prayers on the bunting so that all could read of the children's wishes to create a better world.

You can see a display of the cakes on this link - enjoy!

Bake Off 2023

IMG_2786.JPG    IMG_2820.JPG   IMG_2821.JPG     IMG_2860.JPG


Remembrance 2022

Our remembrance this year was led by class 5C. They told us accounts of heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice amidst prayers and reflections for peace.  A display in school of the poppies made in classes and presented by worship leaders shows the uniqueness of the way each class chose to represent the image of the poppy as they considered it's relevance.

IMG_2569.JPG  IMG_2555.JPG      IMG_2573.JPG

Harvest Worship 2022

Our Lower Juniors led worship this year and a huge amount of harvest was donated by the school community to the Salvation Army's food bank.  Our classes also learned how harvest  celebrates the gifts given to us in God's world.  Our worship leaders helped to bag all of the food and the offerings were very gratefully received at the food bank.

Our Lower Juniors also presented on this year's Bishop's Harvest Appeal.  The charity supported was the Mother's Union which supports the education of women in Burundi.  The impact of education enables women in this African Country to seek employment and improves their life chances.  We collected a huge number of conkers and had a "guess the weight of the conkers" competition and children also paid to create model "hero" characters.  These characters celebrated the great work of people who have improved the world for the better.  We raised £100 for the Diocesan appeal and had lots of fun at the same time!  Well done to Kate Traynor who won the goody basket after guessing that the conkers were just over 16 kg!

IMG_0306[1].PNG    IMG_2407.JPG              IMG_2403 (1).JPG


Easter Worship 2022

 Worship Leaders presented a truly awesome Easter worship at the end of term.  They brought symbols made from each class as we retold the story of the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem to His resurrection.  Reflections, prayers and powerful singing made for an excellent act of worship.  We were also surrounded by new hall displays to tell the story of Christ's sacrifice and resurrection which was God's plan for our salvation.


Each class also re-told the Easter Story in drama. You can watch it here:https://youtu.be/pp5anLaoms0

easter video.PNG


Fairtrade Fortnight 2022

Fairtrade Fortnight has been launched by our worship leaders as they seek to raise awareness of the plight of farmers and producers who work in the most challenging climates in the world.  Climate change has been impacting on global warming and this leads to increased challenges in food production.  Our sense of justice for the most underprivileged brings about a need to make change and to bring about a balance in earnings for the poorest communities in our world.

Our worship leaders worked hard to make their own posters, write their own words and build a powerpoint for the assembly, all by themselves.  Blake also referred to the website he has created on climate change. You can visit it here:


You can watch the Fairtrade Assembly here:



Remembrance 2021

Well done to our Worship Leaders who led a very powerful remembrance this year.  Diversity was reflected in our Remembrance this year as we learned about soldiers who fought  in WW1 from India, Africa as well as our local neighbourhood. We learned about the great Elsie Inglis, who didn't allow her gender to prevent her from working to heal others in France. We also remembered the great Walter Tull, who experienced racism, but still showed great leadership in battle.    

Iris Phillipson joined us for Remembrance and she brought the post Victorian postcards from the war front which were sent to her two relatives who fought on the front.  Sadly, the two Phillipson brothers died, Richard only 1 month before the end of World War 1.

We have produced a video of the Remembrance this year and are very proud of our Worship leaders for bringing their own reflections and reading their own written pieces.

Here's the video of our reflections:  https://youtu.be/IPIjc8uJgQU



Easter 2021

Bishop Julian came to visit our Easter Exhibition.  We were so delighted to hear his wonderful words of praise.  During the lockdowns, we have needed to have hope that God is in control of all things and will walk beside us during difficult times. The Easter story reminds us of the values of sacrifice and humility and the celebration of God's amazing love for His world and his people.

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