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Easter Worship 2022

 Worship Leaders presented a truly awesome Easter worship at the end of term.  They brought symbols made from each class as we retold the story of the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem to His resurrection.  Reflections, prayers and powerful singing made for an excellent act of worship.  We were also surrounded by new hall displays to tell the story of Christ's sacrifice and magnificent resurrection.


Each class also re-told the Easter Story in drama. You can watch it here:https://youtu.be/pp5anLaoms0

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Fairtrade Fortnight 2022

Fairtrade Fortnight has been launched by our worship leaders as they seek to raise awareness of the plight of farmers and producers who work in the most challenging climates in the world.  Climate change has been impacting on global warming and this leads to increased challenges in food production.  Our sense of justice for the most underprivileged brings about a need to make change and to bring about a balance in earnings for the poorest communities in our world.

Our worship leaders worked hard to make their own posters, write their own words and build a powerpoint for the assembly, all by themselves.  Blake also referred to the website he has created on climate change. You can visit it here:


You can watch the Fairtrade Assembly here:



Remembrance 2021

Well done to our Worship Leaders who led a very powerful remembrance this year.  Diversity was reflected in our Remembrance this year as we learned about soldiers who fought  in WW1 from India, Africa as well as our local neighbourhood. We learned about the great Elsie Inglis, who didn't allow her gender to prevent her from working to heal others in France. We also remembered the great Walter Tull, who experienced racism, but still showed great leadership in battle.    

Iris Phillipson joined us for Remembrance and she brought the post Victorian postcards from the war front which were sent to her two relatives who fought on the front.  Sadly, the two Phillipson brothers died, Richard only 1 month before the end of World War 1.

We have produced a video of the Remembrance this year and are very proud of our Worship leaders for bringing their own reflections and reading their own written pieces.

Here's the video of our reflections:  https://youtu.be/IPIjc8uJgQU

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Easter 2021

Bishop Julian came to visit our Easter Exhibition.

Click here for our Easter Exhibition Tour

Remembrance Event 2020


The Worship Leaders, Rev Dave Handson and Andy Pratt contributed to Remembrance

During our Second Half Term we are exploring the "R" in "ASPIRE". This stands for "RESPECT".  As part of our worship we are considering peace and compassion and reflecting on these values both for our school and for the world.

We shall lead into Christmas with these themes, celebrating with Christingle at the end of term.

This half term we have been celebrating the letter "I" from the key word in our motto "ASPIRE to Greatness".  I stands for "Include".  Our values of Forgiveness and Justice are explored this half term as we learn to love one another and to stand up for one another to make the world fairer.  God's Kingdom on Earth is what we hope for. 

Our worship leaders will be responsible for making sure that the Worship Areas in class are testament to our values here in school. We've learned that Forgiveness is a key message and the reason Christ was sent to the world.  Christ showed us how to forgive and was asked about this value many times.

Our very special fish display has several reminders.  There are lots of stories about fish in the bible. The most important is probably the story of where Jesus calls his disciples, some of them fishermen and he not only shows them how to catch the best fish he also tells them that they will be "fishers of men" teaching others about God's forgiveness and love for them.

We have learned that Peter, one of Jesus' disciples, and a fisherman, needed to be forgiven when he disowned Jesus but he later became a great friend to Jesus and told many people about God's love. 

The early church was recognised in the symbol of the fish and this symbol was used when Christians worshipped in secret during a time of persecution.

Icthus is a Greek word (lots of the Bible was written in Greek originally) and each letter can be spelt out in Greek to say "Jesus, Christ, Son of God, Saviour".   The fish is a symbol of Christianity, it is a symbol of forgiveness and a symbol of God's love for us.

We hope you like our Willow Fish Display. Each fish has been made using materials from our fabulous environmental area.

Our 2020/21 Worship Leaders have been working hard to make Willow Fish

The Fish is a symbol for Christianity, "Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour".  The symbol was used in the early church and we can often still see it used today (often on the rear of cars driven by Christians).  We can look on the fish as the nutritious food source for many in biblical times.  As we think about how the Christian faith nurtures us with values, we can also reflect on the fact that these values are shared across our faiths.


Our worship leaders

Our worship leaders from Y1-Y6 had to put themselves forward for the role and be voted by their classmates. Each week we meet to evaluate worship, discuss ways to improve our reflection areas and plan Friday reflection worship. 


We have been looking at how children use the prayer areas around school and asking children, staff and parents their views about worship at our school.

Spring 2020

The open the book team started off our worship by telling us the story of the wise men visiting Jesus. We followed up learning about Epiphany by thinking about the gifts that we would give to Jesus. 

On the 13th January we thought about Martin Luther King and how he fought against prejudice and became a bringer of peace and compassion.

On the 20th January Vicar Dave talked to us about bird watching and respecting creation. We took part in the big bird watch run by the RSPB and some classes had outdoor worship, thanking God and taking time to appreciate creation.

On 27th January we stood together as a school to remember the Holocaust. We thought about Jesus the peacemaker and how we could be bringers of peace in our classes, families, the community and wider world. We all held hands and recited 'we stand together'. It was very moving. We made a whole school memorial display.

On the 2nd Feb we found out all about Candlemas and how Jesus was presented in the Temple. We thought about how we can spread the light of Jesus in dark places.

Our last worship before half term was the story of Jesus going to the Temple when he was just a little boy. The open the book team reminded us of how much we should love and care for our family and how it feels to be lost....... but then found. We are never lost to God.

February 2020 Mr Pratt started off this half term's worship by talking to us about Lent and how Jesus went into the wilderness and faced temptation. In our class worship we thought about ways we are tempted and how we can fix our eyes on God.

On Shrove Tuesday Mrs Wright told us all about getting ready for Lent and she even managed to make and toss pancakes. It was VERY exciting!


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